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What is this you may be wondering? I'm super excited to announce my new Series!  As many of you know, I play heavily in this space and have found a true tribe of trail blazers. We share a lot of similar strengths like the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to disrupt the norm. These creative creatures are pushing boundaries and thinking way outside the box!

Women In Tech have fought a lot of the same battles that I have as a lady in the financial services industry. We're not secretaries but many times we are treated like one or worse, like our voice doesn't even exist at all. It's probably the BIGGEST reason why I left Corporate and the good ole' boys club of Wall Street.  Heaven forbid, I wanted to do something different and offer unique pricing options to clients. Or be a better financial planner, acting as a fiduciary. Shouldn't all advisors put client's best interests ahead of their own??  

This new Series will highlight and showcase as many awesome women as I can find who wish to share their stories. We'll hear about their successes and how they accomplished them.  They will tell us about their obstacles and what challenges they faced. How did they overcome their struggles to get to the top? We'll find out!  And of course, they will offer their personal money tips that they learned along the way.  

Interested in being interviewed or want to nominate someone?  Please let me know.   


Interview #1: Kathleen Brown, Founder of buddhi

Interview #2: Laura Gouin, Founder & CEO of Satiated Artists, COO-Co-CEO of

Tech Guys Who Get Marketing /

Interview #3: Ari Krzyzek,  Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Chykalophia Group/

Interview #4: Deena John, Head of Transformation Management Office, Customer Experience & Success at Microsoft

Interview #5: Interview with Kathy Cohen

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