Achieving Financial
Independence for Women

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Life Throws Us Curve Balls. Are You Prepared?

Achieving Financial Independence for Women is a 6- month, comprehensive financial program that is personally designed to empower YOU to take control of most aspects concerning your money. You'll be educated with other like-minded ladies who share your concerns and want to celebrate victories. In addition, you'll get to socialize, network, and prospect for new business.

Build a Strong Financial Foundation

  • Pay down debt and student loans 

  • Increase savings 

  • Improve credit score and analyze credit reports 

  • Monitor what $ is coming in and going out 

  • Record what you own and what you owe 

  • Prepare for life events and surprises 

  • Keep more fees and taxes in your pockets 

  • Understand how markets & investments work 

  • Plan for your retirement 

  • Protect your loved ones, yourself & property 

  • Learn what you don't know or are afraid to ask 

Providing advice and accountability on all aspects of your financial plan:

  • 1 hr. one-on-one initial consult

  • (6) Educational lessons for up to 10 gals * (6) 30 min. homework follow up calls

  • Guidance from top women experts

  • 1 hr. one-on-one wrap-up session

  • Monthly networking

  • Graduation celebration

  • 6 Month Women's Program: $999

Financial Wellness Program

This informative, employee benefit program is for employers who wish to attract top talent as well as to retain and empower their existing employees. What makes it unique, is that I provide financial planning services combined with homework to help them accomplish their goals which can be customized to complement existing H.R. benefits. Gain increased productivity and happier employees!  Fees start at $2,500 and include:  Group workshops, checklists, financial templates, and 30- minute follow-up meetings with individual employees. Click here for more details.  

Achieving Financial Independence Bootcamp

Life throws us curve balls.  Are you prepared?
This 2-day, comprehensive financial program is personally designed to empower YOU to take control of most aspects concerning your own money. You'll be educated by subject matter experts and joined by other like-minded professionals who share your concerns and want to celebrate victories.  Upon completion, you will have the tools and knowledge to help get your financial house in order.  Click here for more details.

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