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Achieving Financial Independence for Women - Courses

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Class 1: Financial Foundations

We'll start with the basics- what's $ is coming in and going out each month, ranking them by needs to wants. You'll learn how to create a "Pay Yourself First" strategy that includes building an emergency fund, decreasing debt, saving for retirement, and paying for other personal financial goals.


Class 2: Credit Scores, Reports, & Cards

Next, we will learn how credit scores are determined and uncover your personal numbers. You'll pull your consolidated credit report, review it for accuracy, and learn how to dispute any errors. Lastly, you'll freeze your credit with all 3 credit agencies.


Class 3: Protecting Your Assets & Loved Ones

In this module, you'll learn about different kinds of insurance products, such as renter's/home/auto/life/umbrella, in order to understand what they cover and how they protect you. You'll uncover which ones are necessary for you and why other products may not be appropriate. Bring copies of your current policies to class to follow along. 


Class 4: Understanding Markets & Investments

In this class, you'll learn the most popular terms and how to use them. For example, the major market indicators (DOW, S&P500, 10YR-Treasury) as well as economic conditions that impact your money. This will lead into an understanding of stocks, bonds, and other asset classes.  Lastly, we'll review the different types of investment vehicles (mutual funds vs. ETF's) and costs associated with investing.


Class 5: Saving for Retirement & Preparing for the Unexpected

Why is it important to start investing yesterday? We'll review the benefits of compounding, dollar-cost averaging, and tax- deferral offered with using different retirement accounts (ex. IRA's, 401k's).  You'll get an idea of how much you'll need in retirement and how best to save for your future. 


This class will also touch on estate planning. You'll learn about the probate process and basic legal documents. We'll review what action items might be needed to protect your loved ones and property. In addition, you'll be able to talk to older generations about their estate plans.


Class 6: Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

What is Bitcoin and why was it invented? We'll discuss the newest asset class of the 21st century and its underlying blockchain technology. You'll learn how digital assets work (like BTC and ETH) and gain a basic idea of how to buy, store, and use them. Lastly, you'll get an understanding of how you may incorporate them into your overall financial picture.

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